Definitive DPC Training

Learn about the Direct Primary Care practice model.

Build a doctor’s office free of insurance and other third parties challenging your clinical judgment and robbing your time with patients.

Our 5th “Nuts & Bolts to 2.0” Conference, training hundreds of physicians in DPC, is one for the history books!!


Break Free!
2022 DPC Conference

Dates: November 10-12, 2022
Location: Dallas, TX (near DFW airport)

THANK YOU for a fantastic, energizing conference.
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Direct Primary Care

Nuts & Bolts to 2.0
Conference Training

Building Heroes in the Army of Compassion

Course Migration Has Begun!

Welcome to the future portal of years of training in the DPC practice model

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Seize the day!  Over 50 hours of what was CME level training is free to experience - for now - as we build our online DPC Master Class.

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Coming Soon!  We are building our online institute as a permanent repository for the defining education in Direct Primary Care.

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