Agenda 2024

Agenda 2024

March 14-16, 2024

The Florida Hotel & Conference Center
1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809

Note: Topics and instruction is subject to change by curriculum committee and CME certifying body.

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With a mission to power direct care and make it the new standard, Hint’s technology powers thousands of clinics and networks across the nation providing care for more than a million members.

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With a mission to power direct care and make it the new standard, Hint’s technology powers thousands of clinics and networks across the nation providing care for more than a million members. 



Family Friendly Welcome Event

Heroes Ballroom – Mezzanine Leve – 2nd Floor

~ 5PM to 8PM ~

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Note: Topics and instruction is subject to change by curriculum committee and CME certifying body.




 Breakfast 7:00 – 8:00

Introductions & Instructions 8:00 – 8:20 AM

The Physician Change Leaders

Panel 01 – 8:40 – 10:20 AM


Katarina Lindley, DO

Michelle Cooke, MD

“Courageous Care: Overcoming Fear to Launch Your Direct Primary Care Practice”

From “Nuts & Bolts” attendee to starting a practice

Katarina Lindley, DO

Jade Norris, MD

Work-life balance and boundaries

Katarina Lindley, DO

Rebekah Bernard, MD

Beyond DPC: The independent physician as a leader for change

The direct care model allows physicians to reclaim time and energy for activities other than the day-to-day practice of medicine. Learn how to find your calling and advocate for positive change as a physician leader.

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Somno Services
Behavioral Health Intelligence for Primary Care

The Principles and the Practical

Panel 02 ~ 10:40 – Noon


Katarina Lindley, DO

Chad Savage, MD

Moral Case for DPC – Career or Calling
Katarina Lindley, DO

Paul Thomas, MD

$90 to $1,000,000: How to Grow Your Practice’s Annual Revenue and Thrive

Build your success story of mastering the business aspects of the practice, successfully outsource some of the tasks, and scale your practice through specific actionable items.

Felicia Horton
Helping Hands Award

2024 Winner TBA

The annual Helping Hands Award bestowed upon those who have made significant contributions to the promotion, innovation, and protection of the Doctor/Patient relationship has been renamed the “Felicia Horton Helping Hands Award” in honor of our Executive Director who passed on May 16, 2022.

Felicia Horton (1963-2022) served more than a decade through all the iterations of Docs 4 Patient Care leaving an impact that will echo into eternity.

Kelly Haser Pickens

Keynote Speaker ~ Noon – 1:30 PM


Ms. Universe 2022 started out as a wild child, runaway, troubled youth dealing with abuse and molestation and was placed in a Youth Crisis Center.

The professional counselors and staff listened, did not make choices for her but taught her the importance of looking ahead to the impact and consequences as she made her own life altering decisions.

Today Kelly deals with abused and neglected children as a volunteer, counselor, and mentor. She finds that the ability to relate and share experiences has a healing effect not only on them but herself as well.

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Cognitive FX

Demystifying Healthcare Costs

How to Regain Control of Your Health Plan Costs

Panel 03 ~ 2:00 – 3:15PM

Learn how DPC, free market principles and an innovative health plan design can help save rural healthcare


Katarina Lindley, DO

Lee Gross, MD

Pandemic Tested: A case study of DPC and creative health plan design

Katarina Lindley, DO

Vince Sica

 “Perspectives from a rural hospital CEO”
Describe the stressors on rural healthcare.
Learn how state and federal policies impact rural care delivery.
Understand how creative solutions, such as DPC, can help stabilize financial strain.

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Bloomdahl USA
Freedom Healthworks

Case Studies in DPC Startups

Spanning community demographics, regions and stages of DPC development. Audience Participation

Case Studies Panel

Zaki ~ Torres-Hodges ~ Gaqi ~ Hitchcock ~ Townsend ~ Serrano



  • Discuss pitfalls and problems that physicians encounter.
  • Learn practice pearls
  • Explore real and perceived obstacles to DPC Startup

Marty Makary M.D., M.P.H.

Keynote Speaker ~ 6:00 – 7:30PM

The Price We Pay

Dr. Martin Makary is professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the author of two New York Times bestselling books. Dr. Makary served in leadership at the World Health Organization and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine.

A public policy researcher, he leads a Johns Hopkins initiative on the “re-design of health care” to make health care more reliable, more appropriate, and more affordable, especially for vulnerable populations.

He is the recipient of the 2020 Business Book of the Year Award for his most recent book, The Price We Pay, about the high cost of health care and the grassroots movement to increase transparency. His prior, book Unaccountable, was turned into the popular T.V show The Resident, which just completed production after 6 seasons.

Note: Topics and instruction is subject to change by curriculum committee and CME certifying body.



Katarina Lindley, DO

William Crouch, MD


Office Managers Breakfast

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Operations & Insight to Back Office of DPC

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Breakout Sessions

Tracks for Startup and Advanced DPC

8:00 AM – Noon

Session One

Track One – Start Up

Katarina Lindley, DO

Kimberly Legg Corba, DO ~ Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA

Legal challenges for the startup DPC practice

Understanding DPC compliance and best practices

Watch Part One – Corba

Watch Part Two – Eskew

Session One

Track Two – Established Practices

Katarina Lindley, DO

Nicole Hemkes, MD ~ Andrew J Anderson, DO

Assessing Growth and Innovation for established practices

Strategies for Success in DPC.

Hemkes Biography

Analog Practice Growth – Strong, rapid and reproducible growth without social medial

Anderson Biography

Session  Two

Track One – Startup

Katarina Lindley, DO

Aimee Ostick, MD ~ Wendy Molaska, MD, FAAFP

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable in DPC startup

How I Make More Money Than My ER Doctor Husband (and you can too!)

Aimee Ostick, MD FAAFP Biography

Direct Primary Care and the Quintuple Aim

learner will identify social media platforms to use to build patient population
learner will analyze uses of social media posts to engage patient community
learner will synthesize social media content to support their DPC business
learner will identify how to use social media to support business and share medical information and build their brand

Wendy Molaska MD FAAFP Biography

Session Two

Track Two – Established Practices

Katarina Lindley, DO

Esther Khatibi, MD ~ Amy Capoocia, DO, FACOFP

Full scope primary care and direct specialty care

Direct Specialty Care (Direct Obstetrics Care) – highlights and challenges of doing OB within DPC. Address long term survival, pricing, time involvement, call schedules, staffing, technology, negotiating and dealing with the opposition.

Watch Part One – Esther Khatibi, MD

Reclaiming full-scope primary care through DPC

Watch Part Two – Amy Capoocia, DO, FACOFP

Session Three

Track One – Start Up

Katarina Lindley, DO

Erica Young, MD, Liz Fischer, MBA, and Lena Samuel, MD, MPH

Setting up your practice, determining services and marketing strategies

Using social media to build community – Young, MD

Financing Your Dream DPC Practice: From StartUp to Scale – Samuel, MD

Staying Small on Purpose: Advantages of a DPC Micro-practice – Fischer, MBA

Session Three

Track Two – Established Practices

Katarina Lindley, DO

Shane Purcell, MD, Matt Ohrt, Neer Patel, and Angel Saucedo

DPC Working with Employer groups

5 Things Employers Should Know About DPC – Purcell, MD

5 Things DPC and DSC Physicians “Need to Know” About Employers – Orht

Demystifying employer healthcare insurance for DPC physicians- Patel & Saucedo

History & Policy Luncheon

12:30 to 1:30 PM

Understanding the History and Shaping the Future for a secure policy environment for the DPC practice model.

Katarina Lindley, DO

Brian Blase, PhD

“National Health Policy Update”

Understand the current state of health policy in Washington.
Learn how federal policy initiatives may impact DPC.

Katarina Lindley, DO

Michael Koriwchak, MD

History of Healthcare financing – How we got here

Using a historical perspective of healthcare financing in both United States and Europe, we will demonstrate the utility of the DPC financing model to reduce cost and improve quality of care.

Wrap Up Round Table

Lee Gross, MD ~ Moderator

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM

Wrap Up Round Table

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM

Innovative Ideas, Speaker Q&A, Best Practices


Invitation follow up with speakers presenting innovative, provocative, or popular ideas demanding deeper dive. Moderated speaker Q&A with a drive toward implementing these best practices.

Katarina Lindley, DO

DPC Docs - TBA

Katarina Lindley, DO

DPC Docs - TBA

Katarina Lindley, DO

DPC Docs - TBA


Note: Topics and instruction is subject to change by curriculum committee and CME certifying body.

Procedurals – Add on Sessions

Procedural Topics Available ~ Hands on Instruction

Three one hour sessions blocks available

  • Session One – 2PM – 3PM
  • Session Two – 3:30PM – 4:30 PM
  • Session Three 5PM – 6PM

Registered attendees may select up to three sessions as slots remain open
(Up to 45 slots per procedural per session)

Procedurals Faculty

Dermatologic procedures, suturing, biopsies

Beth Goldstein, MD

Dermatologic procedures for the primary care physician, biopsy techniques, and suturing.

Joint injections

Diana Girnita, MD, PhD, FACR

Common joint injections / aspirations for the primary care physician – indications, techniques and choosing the proper injectable.

Podiatric procedures for the primary care physician

Tea Nguyen, DPM

Common foot and ankle procedures for the primary care physician – ingrown toenail management, injections, toenail avulsion


Dr. Lara Kenney, MD

​Phlebotomy Workshop

– Equipment list for in office blood draw and lab sample processing, storage and shipping
– Use of a butterfly needle for draw
– Use of a straight needle for draw
– Order of draw
– Processing of samples
– Proper packaging
– Tricks and tips for difficult draws

Urologic Procedures in Primary Care

Ori Hampel, MD

Managing partner and founder, Adult and Pediatric Urology of Houston, LLP

Catheters and Common Urological Problems – Removal and application of catheters. Managing common urological problems in primary care physicians

Primary care physicians routinely encounter conditions related to the genitourinary system. Urinary retention is an emergency condition that can be alleviated by the primary care physician and prevent costly emergency department (ED) visits and hospitalizations while relieving patient suffering more expeditiously. We will discuss and teach techniques of bladder catheterization from simple to complicated as well as the management of Foley catheters. We will discuss renal colic and the workup and management of urolithiasis. The management of urinary tract infections is integral to the primary care setting. Time permitting, we can review and discuss other urological topics, including the acute scrotum, hematuria, genitourinary cancer detection, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, enuresis, etc.


Phil Boucher, MD

Social Media Marketing and Piercing has been withdrawn due to a family emergency.

Refunds will be issued or the option of selecting another Procedural.

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