2019 General Session - Case Studies in DPC

Moderated panel discussion – Allison Edwards, M.D.

  • Discuss pitfalls and problems that physicians encounter
  • Learn practice pearls
  • Explore the role of physician entrepreneurship


General Session - Case Studies in DPC

by Moderated by Allison Edwards, M.D.) | Direct Primary Care 2019

Allison Edwards, M.D.


Dr. Edwards aims to change the manner in which healthcare is delivered, putting the emphasis on keeping people well rather than solely stepping in and treating the sick (check out her Philosophy of Care here).

In addition to providing care at Kansas City Direct Primary Care, she serves as a Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Kansas and a Volunteer Clinical Instructor for the University of Colorado, allowing her to continue to educate the next generation of students as well as volunteer at the JayDoc Free Clinic.