Speakers for DPC 2024
Diana Girnita

Diana Girnita, MD, PhD

Rheumatologist OnCall

Diana M. Girnita, MD, PhD is the pioneering CEO and Founder of Rheumatologist OnCall, a telemedicine company providing specialized care to patients with arthritis and autoimmune diseases across multiple U.S. states. Rheumatologist OnCall expands access to top rheumatology experts for those suffering from these life-impacting conditions. With typical delays of up to 6 months for specialist appointments, the company offers timely access to compassionate, evidence-based care at fair, transparent pricing. Their comprehensive approach includes nutrition, mindfulness, physical therapy and leading-edge medicine.

A staunch advocate for direct care models, Dr. Girnita co-founded the Direct Specialty Care Alliance. Licensed to practice in 10 states, her educational background includes board certifications in rheumatology and internal medicine, a PhD in immunology, a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard, an immunology fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, and a rheumatology fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. She has also completed extra training in nutrition through Stanford and mindfulness through UMass. Recognized as a “Top Doctor” from 2017-2020,

Dr. Girnita shares her expertise freely to empower patients. Her popular YouTube channel has over 64,000 subscribers and 5 million views. It provides clarity and hope to those living with autoimmune issues and arthritis. She directly answers common questions on distinguishing types of arthritis, diet and supplements, managing symptoms, latest treatments, and maintaining a positive mindset. Through educating and encouraging open patient-provider dialogue, the channel creates a judgement-free space for navigating life with chronic immunologic illness. Dr. Girnita continues to teach and research as a volunteer assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. With over 19K members, she also founded the Facebook The Rheumatoid Arthritis Warriors Group.

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