Speakers for DPC 2024
Lara Kenney, MD

Lara Briseno Kenney, MD

Briseno Kenney Medical Care

The Procedurals are taking a hands on hard turn this year with the addition of Dr Kenney’s Phlebotomy Workshop. Blood draws through processing to packaging samples will be covered with tricks and tips for difficult draws.


Dr. Lara Briseno Kenney is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with sub specialty board certifications in Hematology, Oncology, Hospice and Palliative Care.

Born and raised on the West Coast, she moved to the Midwest in 1997 to attend the six year Medical School program in Kansas City.

After attending and graduating from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine, she entered into active duty in the United States Army. During her 7 years in the Army she deployed multiple times in support of the Military Police at both the Battalion and Brigade level.  Earning a Bronze Star for her service.

In 2011, she returned to Kansas City to complete an additional three years of specialized medical training and met and married her husband, Jeff Kenney. Following fellowship, Jeff and Lara moved back to Jeff’s hometown in rural Missouri, to raise their family.

While looking for a way to leave her employed position, a classmate and fellow Army veteran, Dr Andrea Otto, provided her with the first introduction to the Direct Primary Care model.  She dove into the world of DPC, reading, researching and networking and started her Internal Medicine DPC practice, Leeton Medical, in Jan of 2019.   This eventually led to the realization that this same practice model could also provide accessible, affordable, superior, Hematology Oncology and Palliative Care to her community.   In 2020 she resigned from all employment, and began added Hematology Oncology and Hospice Palliative Care to her direct care practice.  In 2021 she cofounded the Direct Specialty Care Alliance with Dr. Diana Girnita, so that other specialists would have a physician led source of information when looking to leave employment and reclaim their autonomy.

Apart from her passion to transform medicine, her other pursuits include horse training, farm life, delicious food, and raising a family.