Speakers for DPC 2024
Liz Fischer, MBA

Liz Fischer, MBA

Fischer Clinic

It doesn’t get more “Nuts & Bolts” about DPC than “Financing Your Dream DPC Practice: From StartUp to Scale”. Liz will pull back the curtain on the money mechanics of the DPC practice to give you the practical steps from real world experience.


Liz Fischer watched as her internist husband, Dr. Ben Fischer, was misused by insurance based industrial medicine so when she read about direct primary care in Medical Economics she realized there was a better way.

While Ben finished his time at his old practice, Liz rolled up her sleeves and created Fischer Clinic which was profitable in the first month, March 2016.  Fischer Clinic has grown to three physicians with another one hopefully coming on board soon.  Liz is passionate about helping physicians reclaim their calling through direct primary care.