Speakers for DPC 2024
Neer Patel

Neer Patel

Virtuous Benefits

Demystifying employer healthcare insurance for DPC physicians


Neer Patel is an Engineer by degree but an Entrepreneur at heart. After helping build and grow his wife, Dr. Katriny Ikbal’s direct primary care practice called DirectMed DPC throughout Central Texas over the past 9 years by shielding patients from the broken healthcare system, he learned that the group health insurance system was also severely broken and started working with employer groups to teach them how to break free from it. This is when Neer met Angel Saucedo and Virtuous Benefits was founded in 2020. Virtuous Benefits is truly a full service agency that helps employers of all sizes across the country successfully implement ACA compliant healthcare insurance plans that are affordable, transparent and that provide employees and their families with the best quality DPC care they’ve ever had while minimizing and oftentimes eliminating their out of pocket costs along with reducing the employers health plan costs year over year.