Speakers for DPC 2024
Keynote Kelly Haser Pickens

Keynote ~ Kelly Haser Pickens

Ms Universe 2022

Beating the odds and overcoming adversity is the hallmark of our Friday lunch keynote speaker – Ms Universe 2022 Kelly Haser Pickens.

Your Ms. Universe started out as a wild child, runaway, troubled youth dealing with abuse and molestation and was placed in a Youth Crisis Center. The professional counselors and staff listened, did not make choices for her but taught her the importance of looking ahead to the impact and consequences as she made her own life altering decisions.

Today Kelly deals with abused and neglected children as a volunteer, counselor, and mentor. She finds that the ability to relate and share experiences has a healing effect not only on them but herself as well.

Pickens started a started a program called, “Dare to be ME- Youth Empowerment!” where she speaks to schools, youth groups, churches, etc., and lets them know they can be all they can be, to pursue excellence and to strive to make a difference in life by not letting ANY circumstances hold them back. She also makes them aware that peer pressure is real and to always determine to be a LEADER and NOT a follower.

Kelly is  Ms. Universe 2022, and also an engagement Director for Americans For Prosperity in Jacksonville, Florida.  Kelly acts, models and enjoys public speaking!  She loves to compete and loves what pageantry brings to her life. It gives her a greater ability to reach and help people and make a difference in the lives of others.

She has come a long way from the shy child she used to be as she also continues to strive to reach her own goals in life and credits the one who made it all possible, Christ!

Kelly’s story speaks to the common fears that challenge every physician before stepping into the unknown of launching an independent DPC private practice.

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