Speakers for DPC 2024

Aimee Ostick MD FAAFP

“How I Make More Money Than My ER Doctor Husband (and you can too!)”

DPC2024 Make More Money – Part 01
Session 02 Track 01

Long time Nuts & Bolts speaker Aimee Ostick is back with wisdom for Start Up DPC. The goals, the glory, and the hard realities of startup!


Aimee Ostick MD FAAFP
Health and Healing DPC


Dr. Ostick has practiced primary care for over 10 years. She has experience in a variety of different clinical settings and in various healthcare systems. She takes care of all age ranges and has a broad scope of medical knowledge. She noticed both a huge accessibility and cost issue within our medical system, and ever growing frustration among patients and physicians. She watched her grandfather practice primary care for many years growing up, and felt it was time to get back to putting patients first. DPC is a growing alternative healthcare model that provides accessible, high quality, evidence-based care at an affordable price. Dr. Ostick is committed to being a part of this new normal. When she is not working she is spending quality time with her ER doc husband and 3 crazy kids.


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