Speakers for DPC 2024

Andrew J Anderson, DO

“Analog Practice Growth”

DPC 2024 Strategies for Growth Part 2 + Q&A
Session 01 Track 02

Andrew Anderson, DO shows a proven path to DPC practice panel growth with strong, rapid and reproducible strategies without social media.


Dr. Andrew Anderson is the President and Lead Physician at KAYA HEALTH, the largest Direct Primary Care practice in the state of Virginia. He focuses the growth of his practice on saving healthcare professionals from the crumbling healthcare system.

He speaks throughout the country teaching how to scale DPC practices and how DPC is well-positioned to “save two lives at once.”

His work has been featured in Consumer Reports and the Washington Post. Additionally, he works with “Growing DPC” to help scale practices and recruit physicians to help DPC have a greater impact on national healthcare.

In addition to being a family doctor, he’s a proud family man, happily married for 19 years with four wonderful children.

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