Speakers for DPC 2024 - Demystifying Healthcare Costs

“Understanding the Role of Physicians as Change Leaders”

Cooke ~ Norris ~ Bernard

DPC 2024 Understanding the Role of Physicians as Change Leaders
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Physicians as Change Leaders

    • (01:50) Courageous Care: Overcoming Fear to Launch Your Direct Primary Care Practice – Michelle Cooke, MD
    • (24:30) Work-life Balance and Boundaries – Jade Norris, MD
    • (50:35) Beyond DPC: The Independent Physician as a Leader for Change – Rebekah Bernard, MD


Michelle Cooke, MD ~ Sol Direct Primary Care

Another Nuts & Bolts success story! From 2022 attendee to DPC superstar in less than two years!

I credit the DPC Nuts & Bolts Conference for giving me the confidence and the community to successfully start my direct primary care practice. These physicians are saving healthcare, and I’m glad to be amongst them.” From attendee to instructor, Michelle Cooke, MD


Dr. Michelle Cooke is the founder of Sol Direct Primary Care – Southwest Atlanta’s first Direct Primary Care Practice.
Dr. Cooke is a Family Physician who is passionate about preventive care and lifestyle medicine. She helps her patients achieve their best health with the least amount of medication.
Dr. Cooke has re-discovered the joy of practicing medicine with Direct Primary Care. After nearly 10 years as an employed physician under a corporate, fee-for-service model, Dr. Cooke found herself deep in burnout and searching for a better way to deliver care. It was obvious to her that the current model of care was failing patients and physicians with care models that valued profits over patients.
She launched her practice 6 months after her first Nuts & Bolts Conference in 2022! In Direct Primary Care, Dr. Cooke is able to provide her patients with the high-quality care they deserve while enjoying more work life balance.
Dr. Cooke is dedicated to being a DPC Champion. She hosts DPC events in Atlanta to help connect and support the growing community of DPC physicians. She also shares her thoughts and journey as a writer for DPC News. When she is not seeing patients, you can find Dr. Cooke frolicking in nature, finding her zen on her yoga mat, or dancing to live music!

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Jade Norris, MD ~ NSPIRE Primary Care

Dr. Norris kicks off our conference in the first panel of DPC 2024 challenging “Physicians to be Change Leaders.”


Jade E. Norris, MD aka “Dr. Jade,” is a devoted Christian, wife, mother, and Las Vegas native. She is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician with additional certification in Obesity Medicine. She focuses on wellness and prevention using the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and her personalized wellness plan “The NSPIRED Health Method” to assist her patients in preventing and reversing chronic diseases. Her non-profit organization @NSPIRELV hosts Las Vegas wellness events to #nspire healthy marriages and families.

 Dr. Jade completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She obtained her Medical Doctorate Degree from Southern Illinois University and completed her Family Medicine Residency Training in Southern California at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

 Dr. Jade has promoted wellness nationally in magazines, radio, television, social media, and she is the host of “The She NSPIRES Podcast”. She has years of experience working in the fitness and pharmaceutical industry and has created numerous community-based programs in Nevada and Illinois and is the author of the children’s empowerment book series, “You Can Call Me Queen” and “You Can Call Me King.”

 Dr. Jade has a special interest in fitness, dance, healthy cooking, and mentoring and empowering young girls and teens of color. Her mission is to promote health for the entire family, all ages and generations. Her mantra is: “Health, it’s a LIFESTYLE!”

Rebekah Bernard, MD, FAAFP ~ Gulf Coast Direct Primary Care

Expect a challenge to seize the day as DPC provides the space for the rise of physician leadership because doctors reclaim time and energy. Dr. Bernard does it in spades as the author of four books and maintains a vigorous voice for DPC in the marketplace.


Rebekah Bernard, MD, FAAFP is a Family physician and the owner of Gulf Coast Direct Primary Care in Fort Myers, FL. She is a founding member and immediate past president of Physicians for Patient Protection, a grassroots organization that advocates for physician-led care and truth and transparency among healthcare practitioners, and currently serves on the executive board of the Florida Medical Association Board of Governors. In 2024, she joined the DPC Alliance Board of Directors.

Dr. Bernard attended college at the University of Florida, majoring in sociology, and medical school at the University of Miami. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida, and was board certified in 2002. Dr. Bernard served as a National Health Service Corp scholar for six years and then joined an outpatient hospital practice before converting to direct primary care in 2016.

She is the author of four books: How to Be a Rock Star Doctor (2015), Physician Wellness: The Rock Star Doctor’s Guide (2018), Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare (2020), and Imposter Doctors: Patients at Risk (2023).

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